Storm Desmond Difference hit LS16 this weekend. Windy conditions made it an important toss to win. However the toss was lost, and the opposition chose to defend against the wind.

An even first 20 minutes ensued, with very little to choose between the teams as both struggled to adapt to the elements.

Headingley looked most likely to break the deadlock from set pieces, with both Butcher and Mortimer both having chances cleared off the line and whilst Williams broke the decades long habit of smashing through everything by cushioning a back post volley narrowly over.

Beginning to show signs of frustration, Headingley knew the importance of going into half time in the lead. It took until the 43rd minute until they finally put together a move of quality. Andrews broke forward and squared for McKinley to sweep home, Sheeran’s

The second half was where Headingley went from good to great. For the 45 minutes, they played with a speed, precision and confidence that had onlookers comparing them to Boroughbridge 2nds in the 2012/2013 season. Mostly.

Some of you might not know that all-round predator Andrews has played a lot of football with Headingley’s perennial 18 year old, Kieron Grant. Never was it more noticeable on Saturday where Andrews, faced with a gilt edged change to add to the score sheet, recoiled in mortal horror at the idea of shooting from point blank range with his right foot, instead opting to manoeuvre on to his favoured left foot, before calmly scuffing his shot.

Sadly captured as a still image below.

Throughout the half, Salt attacked with continual glee, Booth forayed forward like a rapacious bluefish marauding crab pots, Gledhill passed with metronomic precision and there was even some delightful trickery from the likes Keating that left Mods midfield with nothing to do but question the unanswered questions of life such as ‘why is there something, rather than nothing?’

Experience and the future combined in defence, as Butcher and Williams lumped everything clear, whilst Friend and Mortimer played with technical and physical excellence.

Clark was so bored in goal, he wrote down another 15 hashtags to use on Instagram.

Three more goals were scored in the second half, with McKinley striding through to make it two nil, Booth bashing a header in to make it three, and Austin slotting home from 15 yards to make it four.

Mortimer was crowned Man of the Match.