For some it started months ago, for others, a mad panic the night before….

Girlfriends have kept their distance, tired of the continuous arts and craft set up in their living room, children have been put to one side and accused of the paint marks found on the kitchen floor, bank balances have taken a hit, second bedroom’s have been constructed, and it’s all for one cause…the most outrageous night of the year, the Headingley AFC 2014 Christmas Party!!!!

This year the theme is Headingley A-Z which opens the door to just about anything.  For new and old, lets reminisce about some of the top fancy fress outfits from previous years.  Does yours match up to the standards set???

Remember: 7pm sharp at the Skyrack


Chris Burns

Callum Butcher

Kieran Burns



Monks and Eddie

Sam Pickup

Mark Lucas

Andy W

Chris and Kieran



So after seeing this, do you really want to be the guy who turns up looking like this???


Ash Austin